Jet Dock - PWCs

PWC docks using Jet Dock

Before Jet Dock, jet ski lifts and docks were difficult to use and maintain. Conventional, mechanical boat lifting devices were difficult to adapt to these PWCs. Jet Dock’s floating PWC lifts do this perfectly, solving all problems associated with boarding, launching and dry-docking your PWC.
Our floating PWC lift is easy to use and maintenance free.

Whether boat or PWC, almost any motor craft under 55-feet long can go from high and dry, to in the water, and back out again fast and easy with Jet Dock. The video below demonstrates how to launch and dock both a boat and a PWC:

All Jet Dock PWC docks provide:
Simple drive-on docking
Walk-around space (additional cubes can be added at any time for extra walking area!)
Cleats and connectors
Always ready to use regardless of water level

No jet ski lifts on the market today can deliver all these features and benefits. Personal watercraft aren’t intended to be stored in water forever. Keep them dry with PWC lifts from Jet Dock!

Click the images below for full-size viewing:

Jet Dock PWC configurations

Jet Dock PWC Configuration

.Universal HD PWC Jet Dock

Universal HD PWC Jet Dock Schematic

Dual configuration for multiple PWCs:

Jet Dock for multiple PWCs

To view videos of Jet Dock in action, go to our Videos section.